Our Story


Hello and welcome to THE HEN HOUSE! We're so glad you're here!

We are 3 Happy Hens with a passion for Pretty Things, Parties and People! We've been friends for nearly half our lives and have been enjoying planning parties, dabbling in retail, arranging beautiful fresh flowers...and making a bazillion artsy-crafty things. We finally decided to take the leap and put everything we love under one roof and invite everybody to come join us in the FUN! and sooooo......THE HEN HOUSE was born!

We have always had WAY more fun doing things together than by ourselves. We also found over the years that a whole lot of other women feel the same way. We are women and we need a place to GATHER!!! We've lost some of that in our current world and we 3 Hens have decided it's time to bring it back. So, whether you want to do a little shopping, try something crafty, have a party, choose a lovely bouquet for a friend ⚘, or just curl up in our Cozy Coop (aka Hospitality Corner), THE HEN HOUSE will have a perch ready for you! And your little chicks are always welcome, too. We love our Mama Hens ...there's something at The Hen House for everyone in your brood.