Ginger Myers

Ginger Myers is a regional artist, bringing her teaching and talents here! She has been instructing both fine art and DIY decor/furniture painting since 2011, through her studio in Temple Terrace. Not only are her students excited about the projects they learn to create, but also how they begin to see the world with more detail and through an artistic lens.  Ginger inspires people to continue moving forward in their creativity, confident that creativity is a gift for everyone to cultivate and expand from any level (or lack) of experience. She dispels the belief that art is only for gifted people to pursue, and encourages everyone to simply enjoy the process. 

“In our ‘virtual’ culture, it’s great to step away from a computer, put brush to paper, and actually MAKE something you can touch, live with, and be proud of.”

Ginger’s fine art includes Watercolor, Acrylic, French Wire, and Encaustic Wax. Her works have been featured in local shows and galleries, and currently at the Hen House. (She painted our logo sign!) She welcomes custom work and collaborations, including Painted Bridal Bouquets, which allows beautiful floral arrangements to live on as works of art.

Look for Ginger’s schedule of art workshops and ongoing classes here at the Hen House. You can also follow her online ~


FB: Serious Fun Art Studio

instagram: gingermyersart