Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog

Hello and Welcome to our Lifestyle blog


We’ve been dreaming of writing this blog for a long time however, life happened. We got overwhelmed with starting our business. Owning a retail store, floral and party business took all the strength and time we had and writing and blogging took a back seat to life.  2 years later we are here and ready to write in this online space we call blog land.  We hope that you will grab a cup of coffee or a diet coke (if you’re like Molly hen) relax, be able to learn something new or just be entertained.  We are going to chat about all things in life.  Parties, decorating, flowers, painting, diy projects, crafts, raising kids, traveling, dinner, losing weight or not, personality type, presents, clothes, jewelry, books that inspire us, being a working mama, how to start and run a business-  basically everything. Some of the topics may interest you and some may outright bore you – just blow by those- we’re not offended. We are all different with different interests so we understand.  Especially Anna hen who gets bored out of her mind easily. Nonetheless, we hope that in this space you can feel like you are chatting with your girlfriends.  Feel free to ask us any questions or tell us topics you’d like us to write about. We’re gonna share with you all the tips, secrets and things we’ve learned over the years. Hope you find beauty, peace and fun in this space.


Love The 3 Hens,


Anna, Molly and Shannon



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